Friday, 11 January 2013

Back on Svalbard

On Tuesday the both of us arrived in Longyearbyen again. We were delayed one night due to bad weather with rain and warm weather in Longyearbyen. Therefore SAS gave us a hotel, some food and let us spend the night in Tromsø. Thereby Anna got time for some early January shopping in Tromsø ;0)
The both of us have had the flu since the latter part of the old year, but then it almost went away and the we had a fall back a few days before leaving for Svalbard. This week I have been working, most of my colleagues are on a conference in Oslo. Finally I have started getting better and Anna as well. She has been home for most of the week enjoying life. She got a substitute work (one day) in the tourist info yesterday, so it was good for her to get out of the apartment for one day ;0)

There is more snow here now, compared to last year. The temperature has been very much up and down, from -12 to +2 degrees. There is no sign of ice in the fjords, due to warm waters in the fjords. The scientists up here say we might have the same situation as last year, meaning no sea-ice...

Enjoy your week-end friends

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