Monday, 14 January 2013

cooling down again...

For the last couple of days the temperature has been plumeting here in town. We had temperatures around -20 degrees with lows down to -23. There has been some northern light and very little wind and almost clear sky.
Tomorrow the forecast says wind, snow and increasing temperatures... this is the way it goes on Svalbard, just enjoy it while it lasts ;0)

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Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki & Anna, happy (late) New Year and I hope by now you are both MUCH better, no flu! We had a good visit with family out west, and then some family came here to visit - then we went to see the grandchild - and had an emergency landing on the way home, icing. But, all OK. Now, the weather goes up and down, warm then cold, snow then thaw, no stability. The deer come very close to the house during snow times, and leave lots of scraped places in the yard. We will stay her until early Feb, then go to a nice warm spot for a week, Bonaire. No hotpots, just hot all the time! Best to you both