Monday, 15 October 2012

Back on Svalbard

Again I have not been using my time posting on my blogg. Shame on me.

After spending a wonderful vacation in Iceland, which lasted only to short, I went to Hannover, Germany to attend a conference. In the mean time Anna stayed in Iceland, getting another week with family and friends.
We met again in Oslo on the way back to Svalbard.
Since then I have been busy at work while Anna has been mostly at home as she is now without a job. She is only a substitute for a few hours now and then...but she is looking for jobs here in town, so we hope for the best ;0)


Anonymous said...

...and we are just on our way home after a fantastic week of music on Cape Breton Island. No time for reading anything during that time, too many concerts in too many places! Wonderful leaf colors. Really fine people. Scotch with ice not bad either. :)
Good luck with the job search, or maybe time to make something creative and beautiful to sell later?

Bjarki Friis said...

sounds good with a week on Cape Breton :D

Mid November we are going on a vacation for a week, to Scotland and driving around. it might not be the best time of the year, but Scotch and cozy little villages will be nice...