Sunday, 21 October 2012

Is winter coming?

During the last week or so the weather here in Longyearbyen has been quite changing. It has been days with a bit of sun on the summits of the mountains, but also overcast and snowy days. The temperature has been around 0 degrees with occasional changes  to -4 and  +5. Now king winter seems to have taken over again, covering the longyearbyen area in a thin blanket of snow. Daylight is getting shorter by 40 min every day, so it is necessary to enjoy the little light we have left, before entering into almost 4 months of darkness...
When the weather is not too good we spend time going to the gym, the shooting range or stay at home putting up curtains and watching movies and making BBQ with friends ;0)
Last week we also bought a car. WHY? might you wonder, as there is only 45 km of roads in this town!
The answer is easy, "WHY NOT"! Well it is always good to be free to do what ever when ever, visiting friends in the other end of the valley without being worried about the weather, driving groceries home etc.
It is not a NEED to have but NICE to have a car ;0)

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Anonymous said...

Well, here we NEED to have a car as the only place with supplies to which we can walk is a petrol station! And hills are too many and too steep for a bicycle unless you are young. Also, too much traffic which does not look kindly on people on bicycles.

Here, we still have sun until about 6 P.M. (until November, when we once again go to 'regular' time) and we are not losing the light in great chunks. That must be difficult, we were never in MV that late in the year.

Enjoy the visiting in comfort!