Tuesday, 2 October 2012

continued vacation

After arriving in Reykjavik, Iceland I had 9 more days of vacation with Anna and my parents.
Most of the time we spent in Reykjavik, but Anna and I also drove North to Stykkisholmur to visit one of our friends where we stayed over-night. The town of Stykkisholmur was full of hollywood people, sealing of the town and making the movie " The secret life of Walter Mitty".

One day we drove up to my uncles house at Hamarsheiði, close to Hekla to help him build his house. He wants to move to the country side to enjoy his otium. It is a very beautiful place.
Most of the days in Iceland we had good weather and we ALWAYS went to the swimming-pool and had fantastic dinners.

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Anonymous said...

Hi from Nova Scotia, where it is our turn to be on vacation! We are enjoying the Celtic Colours festival on Cape Breton Island - great music every morning at our B&B, and concerts every night in little ( and a few big) towns around the island - glad you have ben enjoying Iceland, but perhaps now you are on your way back to Svalbard...best to you both - thanks for the history of the Greenland trip!