Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The cold is biting...

This morning the temperature had dropped to -11 degrees when I walked to work.
I gave a couple of lectures to the ANG students (Arctic Nature Guide) about coal mining on Svalbard and being a guide on cruise ships here and in Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica.
During the day the temperature continued dropping, so at the time I was walking home it was -18.

Anna made a lovely dinner with fried salmon, while I was half asleep in the sofa for some reason. The dinner made me wake up and then we found out that there was a lot of northern light (Svalbard standard which means less than Greenland and Iceland). We drove out in to the Adventdalen where temperature had dropped as low as -27. No wonder I was freezing cold trying to make northern light photographs while Anna was in the car keeping warm and listening to music ;0)

All in all a good day on Svalbard...

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