Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Buenos Aires

My father and i arrived in Buenos Aires on the evening of the 30th of October after an very long and cramped up flight. first we flew with Lufthansa from Oslo to Frankfurt which took 2 hrs and got a halfbaked sandwich for breakfast, but it was free;0)

After a long walk in this HUGE terminal we where told that there might not be enough places on the flight, due to overbooking! but things solved out to our best and we got onboard on the jumbojet, 737-400 with around 400 other passengers...

the seats were really small and absolutely no space and no tv-screen on your own. so basicly a really long and bad flight, were we only got food twice, which wasn´t much to write home about.

After 14 hrs flight and 2 hrs delay we landed in Buenos Aires, which only has 13 mill inhabitants!

we found a bus taking all the passengers to the hotel. the drive was 30 min and took us through 3 toll-roads and we passed rich and poor peoples houses.

the hotel was really great. after some fast unpacking we went down in the bar and had some food before going to bed. the temperature was still 18 degrees.

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