Wednesday, 3 November 2010

fog and rain

Today it has been raining a bit and foggy weather, but with very little wind and small waves.  thus i will not turn green;0)

I had a lecture about the dogs of Antarctica for the english, and this time it was quite good, people now call me the dog man and loved my clips, with sound, video and pictures!

for the last two days i have been showing a documentary about the Falklands conflict in 1982, very interesting and a good background before we enter Stanley on sunday! some people are more interested in the wildlife than the war, but not me.

we passed 42 degrees south and still have two more days before we enter the Falklands, we weven have the ex-governour of the Falklands, Donald Lamont with us. he has a lot of knowledge from his time there from 1999-2003 and is a jolly good chap, as the british would probably say it;0)

today my father and i went to the sauna and the hot-tub, it is such a hard day at the office...

Preparing lectures and restructuring them and attending meetings and listening to other lectures also takes time....

we have 218 passengers onboard;

3 Austria

7 Australia

1 Belgium

1 Brazil

1 Swiss

4 China

47 Germany

1 Denmark

6 France

46 GB

1 Luxembourg

2 Netherlands

28 Norway

6 Sweden

1 Thailand

18 Vietnam

45 USA

i put some photographs on "pictures"

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