Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cuverville Island and Neko Harbour

Yeasterday we sailed to Cuverville island, which is a Gentoo penguin colony of around 100 000 small individuals. these fellows are not afraid of anything and are quite curious and will come close to you!

heavy drift ice started to tie up our operations in the end, but we all managed to get away from land. a big Leopard seal even visited us. i was trying to take pictures of jumping penguins in the water, but that is easier said than done...

After lunch we got stopped with heavy ice from going to a deserted Argentine base at Admiralte Brown and instead we went to Neko Harbour, (were we got stuck for 7 hrs last trip by ice), but this time there was almost no ice. we visited the Gentoo penguins here also around 100 000, from 2015 to 2230. then 8 members of our staff, Anna included slept in tents on land to try out a new project, while i stayed on the ship (Anna got my spot)

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