Sunday, 28 November 2010


I have been a really bad bad boy, not updating my blog. I have enough with trying to update my facebook profile.

So far we had a really good trip. from the falklands we spent 2 days at sea to South Georgia, where we saw a lot of wildlife, raindeer (which the government wants to exterminate), fur seals (agressive), king penguins (colourfull) , walked the last part of Shackletons walk from Fortuna Bay over to the old whaling station at Stromness, visited the whalin station at Grytviken (english base now) and had two great days with good weather.

Thereafter we sailed to Drygalski fjord and then two more days to Elephant Island where Shackletons men stayed for 105 days. it is the most god forsaken place on this side of earth and must have been terrible...

After three days on the Antarctic Peninsula seen penguins and penguins and visiting the Polish base at Arctowski (South Shetland Islands) (old rubbish) we went over the Drake Passage and got hit by a storm that stirred around in my stomach. arriving in Ushuai on the 19th we walked a bit around and went to the best restaurant in Argentina, for some steaks, before my father flew bak to Buenos Aires and eventually home.

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