Monday, 8 November 2010

First day in the Falklands

Today we started very early...landing on the beach at hrs 0630 and the tourists at hrs 0700. thereby us guides got a head start getting to all the birds and penguins before everyone else;0)

this first landing site was West Point islands, there used to be a farm, but now the whole island is a nature reserve and there is one cozy couple staying there for 9 months a year. they invited us for tea and home made biscuits. we saw albatros and rockhopper penguins up close. it was all a very good day at this site, even though i wished i would have seen more of the landscape, as it was all covered in fog and low clouds spiced up by the occasional rain showers.

then we got on to the ship again, while eating lunch we sailed south to New Island on the SW corner of East Falklands. at this place 6 people live 6 months a year taking care of the island as a nature reserve. everyone was very friendly.

the weather was even worse, with more than occasional rain showers and more cool wind.

this place was infested by more albatros, rockhopper penguins and commorants.

after some hrs at this place we got on board the ship and set "sail" for Stanley, which was 190 nm away.


Anonymous said...

Æ en gaman, er ekki búin að fatta að lesa bloggið þitt. ég hélt að þú værir bara ekkert á netinu ;)
Kiss kiss, Anna

Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki, have been very involved in following merapi eruption on
and you can see pictures at ://

Glad the trip is going well and that it is only fog and not ash that keeps away the view for you!

Anonymous said...

No posts for a while - hope you have not encountered rough seas ; )