Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Cape Horn, the Horn, Cabo de Hornos...

This morning we made a very early landing, hrs 0515, at Cape Horn, almost the southern most part of South America. It is very unusual to make a landing here due to the hard and difficult weather conditions here. Normally winds are blowing from the West, waves (up to 25 m) rolling in from the West and strong currents drifting ships to the East, makes landings very tricky. Two weeks ago we passed by without attempting a landing, as we had a full storm of 32 m/sek and seven meter waves. So now i have seen it all and tried it all, except for 25 meter waves, which I can live without;0)

  Now our course it set across the Drake Passage and Antarctica, where we will arrive Friday morning at Deception island...

Press release about a cruise ship that got pounded by waves in the Drake passage yesterday

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your most interesting posts and incredible photos!
The link to the cruise ship in the Drake was an eye-opener and stomach turner!!!
Ferne in Canada