Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Turret Point and Pinguine Island

Yesterday we landed at Turret Point in the South Shetland island. the landing was difficult as we tried out several places. some of which were quite rocky and had a lot of swells. after landing in one place we spent almost one hr walking around before chosing our first landing site as the primary one, for our passengers. the site was swarming with elephant seal, lying around burping and making sounds. these animals are huge, up to 2-3 tons.

i spent the day at the landing site, welcoming passengeres and sending them of to the ship again. the waves and swell picked up during the day and it got more and more difficult to load people into the boats. in the end we had a good landing, but a very cold one to our feet at least.

before sailing back to have lunch we checked out possible landing zones on the nearby Penguin island, some of us were "lucky" enough to spend 10 min there. soaking wet we came back to the ship and had lunch. the weather deterioated so a landing in the afternoon was aborted, instead we set course for the Drake passage.

the Drake passage has very little wind now but a lot of swell, which at least made both Anna and me sea-sick, forcing us to lie down and sleep a lot. But duty call so i had a lecture yesterday and already had one today and one more to come tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki $=& Anna, - well, I am jealous, but not of being seasick, I had enough of that on Kista Dan in 1955! All three of the junior Lille Røde Hus residents will be together again at Christmas. We send our best to you both.