Thursday, 2 December 2010

Drake passage

We are now at our day number two in the Drake Passage, between Antarctica and South America. Early tomorrow morning we will be in Ushuaia. The weather has been quite different, with no wind to quite some wind, but the most annoying was the the swells and waves, giving some of us a hard time. At hrs 0235 we woke up by everything not strapped down, came down on the floor... what an adventure;0)

Yesterday we had the captains dinner and a charity auction, so we had to dress up nicely and sell the "masters chart" and the "flag" as high as possible, but people were not really in the charity mood so only the "masters chart" was sold, for 600$!

I had a lecture on Shackleton yesterday and have one more today.

Anna and four of our guides are flying home tomorrow and we get four new new guides tomorrow.

This will be the last trip for me to Antarctica, for now at least. The trip will be more or less the same as this one, and i will not have any visitors this time, so i will have to manage on my own...

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