Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Cuverville Island...

Sunday was the day we visited Cuverville Island. We had been sailing all night and most of the day. During the sailing i had two lectures about Shackleton and his accomplishments in the beginning of the last century.
Getting into sight of Cuverville Island we saw a pack of whales swimming around. They were humpback whales, which can weigh up to 40 tons. They swam more or less undisturbed around and one even swam under our ship, just so we could get some great shots (i hope).

After the whale safari we landed at Cuverville, home to around 60 000 Gentoo penguins. After marking walking paths for our passengers i was posted on a small view point, overlooking the beautifull bay and the strait. winds and cloids changed during our stay, giving us a few snow showers and some great views.

We finished landing in around three hours and then sailed south through the Errera channel, a scenic channel of high mountains and glaciers, littered with small and large icebergs.
During the evening we sailed into the Lemaire channel. it was cold and windy and eventually we got low clouds and fog and more and more ice...

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