Sunday, 5 December 2010

Just another day in Punta Arenas

we arrived in Punta Arenas last night and this time the immigration people where a bit faster, but it still took 1 hr 15 min for them to clear the ship. absolutely no efficiency in this country...

Punta Arenas was founded in 1848 and was quite prosperous until the Panama channel was opened in 1914!

All of us guides and some of the officers went on land and found a very small and cozy restaurant with a fire-place and a big warm oven. we had some "tea" and lamb meat, Guanako and Alpaka, all very good and delicious in a warm and cozy atmosphere:0)

this morning i was sent out on a mission, joining the city guided tour. we had 43 passengers and a local guide, telling us the stories of the city, about rich and poor, visited the museum and watched a police/military parade. After a good lunch at the ship i am no talking to Anna on facebook. She arrived early this morning in Iceland after a long journey through south and north-America and a 13 hr stay in New York. Now iceland is covered in a white blanket of snow and frost.

this evening we will go out for some hopefully nice dinner on a local restaurant, before heading over to the nearby island of Magdalena at hrs 0600 and 100 000 magellanic penguins...

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