Friday, 17 December 2010

the last time over the Drake...

The Drake passage
The last two days were spent in the Drake Passage between the Antarctic peninsula and south-America.
the weather was fairly good the first day, but then we started to get some gale force wind and some waves up towards 10 meters. some people even started flying a bit around in the ship...
Luckily we had good speed and could enter the Beagle channel, outside Ushuai, yesterday around hrs 1500 and wait there until the pilot came aboard in the night and take us into port.

We woke up this morning to say good bye to our guests at hrs 0645 and after some breakfast we repeated the ceremony at hrs 0815. Some of the new guides arrived so we had a chance to say hi to them, before we got picked up by an agent at hrs 1015 and drove out to the airport. As most other airports down here, they are all caotic!
Bad weather
the plane took of at hrs 1200 and around 1 1/2 beer and some biscuits later (3hr15 min) we landed in Buenos Aires. here we were met by 30 degrees and i can tell you i was warm, or over heating;0)
After some more chaos we got picked up and driven to our hotels. John had an other hotel than I. i spent some time walking in town and then i went down to the old harbour and got half a bottle of malbeck red wine, some salad and a steak and then i was a happy man;0)
now i am just at the hotel Malina, relaxing and getting mentaly ready for a horror flight to Frankfurt tomorrow, lasting 14 hrs and then i will see if they have cleared the runways of snow...

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