Monday, 13 December 2010

Paulet island and Brown Bluff

Huge tabular ice sheets
Saturday we made a landing at Paulet island. this is seldomly done as the island is east of the Antarctic Sound which has a lot of ice floating around. the island is famous because the crew of the Antarctic (Otto Nordenskjölds expedition from 1902-1903) sank 45 km east of Paulet island and the crew of 20 spent 16 days travelling over the ice to the island. Here they built a cottage of stone and killed 700 penguins they could use as food, light and heating for the winter to come. One member of the crew died here but the others survived 9 months and got picked up by a ship.
This is also the island Shackleton tried to reach in 1916, but instead the had to go to Elephant island...
the island is home to between 200-500 000 Adelie penguins and some commorant birds.

Brown Bluff
In the afternoon we made a landing at Brown Bluff, a moberg ( volcanic rock created during a eruption below a glacier), home to around 60 000 gentoo penguins. the whole Antarctic sound is littered with large tabular ice-sheets, drifting around for the enjoyment of our guests and us;0)

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