Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ushuaia and beyond

Yesterday we arrived in Ushuaia early in the morning. Most of our guests left the ship before hrs 0830 and Anna stayed on until hrs 1000 helping us with getting blue jackets up for the next trip. She then left with Francis and Tristan and some other members of the crew. Anna is flying to Buenos Aires, then waiting for some hours before flying 10 hrs to New York, where she will have 13 hours to do some shopping. She is probably already on it, since the plane was supposed to land in NY at hrs 0605!

We sailed out of port in Ushuaia at hrs 1915 only 1 hr 15 min delayed, due to customs. The weather was light wind, medium high clouds and a little drizzle of rain. After safety drill on deck 5 and presentations of the officers and the expedition team in the panorama saloon on deck 7, I turned in to gain some of my lost sleep.

Today it is overcast and around 5 degrees and some rain showers and I am looking after the desk-duty for some hours, answering the same questions and complaints as you always get in the beginning of these trips...e.g. when is dinner, when are we there, why is the weather bad, why don't we get bad weather in the Drake, can penguins fly, what is for dinner etc. All a lot of things that you have to be ready to handle in a polite way, even if someone if giving you a load of complaints, which most of is not even your fault. But you are the face of the company and the one and only the turists can adress, that is why we are in the reception:0)

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Anonymous said...

hahaha what´s for dinner Bjarki?? nú veistu smá hvernig er að eiga börn :D heheh